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June 2022 Update - Team Testing Arrives, RPE Breakdown Returns

Hello SoccerPulse community,

I hope you are all enjoying your summer. Our next big update is here for the month of June and we have all the details below. These new features are currently live on the App Store now.

Testing Events

The largest and most extensive addition to SoccerPulse for the June update is the ability to add Test Events to the calendar.

When you select Test as the event type, you'll be able to add a fully customizable testing battery to the event. Test Templates will save automatically so that these tests can be linked across multiple days, allowing you to show players their progression and improvement.

These tests will also be linked to the player even after they leave the team, which allows clubs to track progression of players as they move through the club.

When you go to add a new test, there are 11 different categories to choose from (Sprint, Power, Agility, Endurance, Game Model, Strength, Reaction, Body Comp, Balance, Mobility, and Technical) and 6 different ways to track them (distance, time, movement, touches, beep test, and weight)

After a test day has been added, the coach can decide whether the tests can be viewed by the player prior to the event occurring, or if they can see the team average after the test has been performed. This works well when setting the expectation for players at the beginning of summer break with targets that must be reached by the player.

If you select Game Model as a test type, you'll also be able to indicate the pitch size as well as the game size (number of players).

We plan to link Game Model testing with our Game Model Builder, so you can assign a playing style to the model that you are testing.

Testing is currently only available on iOS devices while we make improvements to the Android version.

The plan is to release Testing on Android in middle to end of July.

RPE by Position

We've re-added the ability to see RPE's broken down by position. This existed in prior versions of the app but we had to remove it in order to fit Team Performance into the post event view.

Tapping on the RPE button will launch a pop up which will show the RPEs submitted by Defenders, Midfielders, and Forwards.

App Stability and Improvements

The latest version of SoccerPulse has A TON of bug fixes, from minor issues, to quality of life improvements, such as scrolling to the selected team automatically if you use the app with multiple teams at your club, or giving players the option to notify their coach after they've completed an individual event.

This version of SoccerPulse is the one that you'll want to be using over the summer

What's Next in July?

Our next major update is targeted for late July. Player development will be the focus, allowing coaches to create fully customizable IDPs, including goal setting, player actions with animations, and more.

We are also restructuring how SoccerPulse subscriptions work (spoiler alert - the price will be increasing substantially on Aug 1st for all users that do not currently have a SoccerPulse account. If you already have an account, your total cost will likely decrease!)

Stay tuned!


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