Team Form

The newest feature now available on both iOS and Android is Team Form, which allows coaches to rate their players performances after training sessions and games. The rating scale starts at a default of 6.0 which can then be increased or decreased by the coach, depending on how the player performed. Coaches can also add comments to their ratings, to give the player more context for things they can improve on.

Another new feature is the ability to sort player performances by game/training and the date range. Want to know who your best player was in training for the last 9 months? Now you can. 

Player Form 1.png

Players will only see their own ratings if coaches turn on Share Ratings from Settings. If Share Ratings is turned on, players will see all ratings from coaches who have turned on sharing, as well as their rank in the team. They will NOT be able to see the name or picture of the players ranked ahead or behind them, only the scores of the other players.

When this feature is used properly, coaches can really push players to do their best in training and games, because they know they are being held accountable and that the ratings are saved for the entire season. Having a meeting on why a player is not playing as much as they believe they should be becomes much easier with all data available to both the player and the coach.

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