Training Intensity

Knowing how well your team is feeling doesn't matter much if you can't tell how intense your training sessions are. Once your training schedule has been added, players will be prompted to say how intense the session was on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being max intensity.


It is essential that this information is entered immediately after the session is over for accurate results, which is why players will receive a push notification when the event has finished. From the home screen, coaches will receive a prompt to view the data for any event that took place that day.

Training Intensity 1.png

In graph view, coaches can see the bar chart view of all the players who participated in the event and the team average. The most intense session of the week should always be the furthest away from the prior match and at least 3 days away from the upcoming match (typically on a Wednesday if matches are on the weekend). 

Most games will push players towards maximum intensity (10), so it's important that at least 1 day per week in training that we try to push them close to what will be expected from them in the game.

Training Intensity
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