Player Development

Our newest feature is Player Development, which allows coaches to give detailed evaluations to their players every 30 days. Improvement is tracked over each of the 32 unique abilities, with an overall score computed to give the player an idea of their strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement.  


Each position on the pitch requires different demands, which is why after an evaluation has been submitted, the player will receive an overall score based on the abilities required to play their position.

Abilities are broken down into 3 categories depending on the position. Critical, Important, and Non-Essential.

player dev iphone.png

Critical Abilities count for double and are designated by a blue mark next to the ability. These abilities count for double in the overall score as they are essential to be a top player in that position. Important Abilities count for single in the Overall Score and are designated by a green mark next to the ability. Abilities which are not important for that position are greyed out.


Coaches and players can swipe left on the Overall Score to change the position that the player plays, to see if the player’s skillset might be better suited to a different position on the pitch. 


Player Development is now available on both iOS and Android devices!

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