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Injury List

Maintaining a healthy and available squad is crucial to playing and competing at a top level. With SoccerPulse, it's easier than ever to identify injury trends, know how many players are available for training, and which players are limited in their participation. 


Players are able to add injuries when they submit their daily wellness questionnaire, but they can also be added by the coach if the player forgets. The injury will be added each day until it is closed by either the player or the coach. During this time, the player or coach will also indicate how much the player can participate in training.


In graph view, coaches can see the total breakdown of injuries based on location, including the total days injured, the most commonly injured body part, as well as the number of current injuries. Switching back to graph view and selecting Previous Injuries will show all days that a player has been injured for with that specific injury.

When reflecting on this data, it's important to look for soft tissue injuries, as these are the easiest to avoid but can be an indicator of a structural training issue if lots of the same muscular injury are occurring. 


Injury List
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