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February 2022 Updates - Participation Level, Seasons, and More!

Hello, SoccerPulse coaches!

As 2022 rolls on, we wanted to keep all of you updated on the new features in the app as we continue to improve the feature offerings on all our platforms. Below you'll find the biggest highlights for the month of February.

Hopefully, these improvements will help make your coaching and decision making with regards to training that much easier. Here are the top 5 improvements for iOS, Android, and the web app!

What’s New in iOS (3.8.11)

1. Upcoming Player Events

In the calendar view, we've added an easy way to see which players have upcoming individual events that they have added to their calendars. This makes it much simpler to identify which players have upcoming games with a different team (high school or club) and help you plan accordingly.

2. Participation Level

When players are attending an event, they can now indicate what their participation level is. These vary from full participation, partial, limited, or out. This will help coaches plan sessions based on the number of players that are fully available

3. Reasons for Missing Events

When players indicate they will not be attending an event, they can now also give a reason for missing. These reasons are only visible to the coach, and can be accessed through the Event Detail view. They also appear when the coach opens the app on the day of the event.

4. Launch Directions to Events

When players open the app on the day of an event that hasn't happened yet, a pop up will allow players to change their attending status, as well as their participation status. In addition, they can also launch directions to the event through either Google Maps, Maps, or Waze.

5. New Formations for Starting XI

We've added 6 new formations to the line-up builder, including the 3-4-1-2, the 3-4-2-1, and the 4-2-2-2. You can set the color of the outfield players jersey's as well as the goalkeepers shirt.

What’s New in Android (3.3.5)

1. Seasons are Now Available

We've added Seasons officially to all Android devices. Seasons allow coaches to filter event and wellness data by a certain time period, to allow for more robust querying and easier data analysis. You can add a season from the Manage Squad view or from the Events view.

2. New Look for the User Interface

We've done A TON of work to the way SoccerPulse looks and runs on Android - including new segmented views for changing settings (to match the iOS look) as well as fixes for backgrounds, navigation bars and more.

3. Lots of Bug Fixes

Did I mention we've squashed a ton of bugs? Many of the long standing bugs that used to cause crashes on Android have been removed in the most recent update. There are still a few left to be tackled, but the Android version is much more stable than it was in prior versions.

4. Launch Directions to Events

Just like iOS, we've given coaches the ability to add locations to any event that they create, as well as the ability to launch directions to that location from the app itself.

5. Pre-event pop up on home screen

Before an event occurs and after the event is finished, coaches and players will now see a pop up to remind them that an event is occurring that day. We are still working on adding the ability for players to change their attending status from the home screen, as well as the ability to set their participation levels.

What’s New on the Web App (

1. Add and Remove Players in the Team

Coaches now have the ability to add and remove players from the team, a feature that was before just limited to the mobile versions of the app.

2. Connect Users Beyond Pulse Accounts

We've sync'd our API's with our partner's at Beyond Pulse, and now your players can connect their Beyond Pulse accounts to our servers. This allows objective data to be retrieved after training sessions.

3. Beyond Pulse Objective data is available in Events

When an event is completed, you can see all individual and team summary data for Beyond Pulse metrics (if player's have linked their BP accounts) inside the event summary. This is also where you would see their RPE scores from the event.


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