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April / May 2022 Update - Parent Accounts, Key Metrics, and More

Hello everyone,

Our next update was planned for April, but we had to take a few more days to make sure everything was up to the standard we expect.

There are some significant changes which may not impact your team at all (if you are a college / pro team) but should be very useful for youth clubs who are trying to streamline scheduling and messaging into one app.

Parent Accounts

The largest change to SoccerPulse is the ability to add Parent accounts to players as "observers". This is completely optional and has to be turned on via Settings in Manage Squad.

If you turn on Parent accounts (via Settings in Manage Squad), you'll have full customization over what parents can and cannot see. This includes player performance feedback from the coach, ability to update their player's attendance, ability to message coaches or participate in team chat, and more.

From the player's perspective, they can also determine how much control the observer has over their account. This includes ability to see wellness reports, view self-reflections, edit their profile and more.

In an effort to keep players under 18 safe, if a player has added a parent to their account, that observer is able to view all messages sent to and from the player account. Our hope is that adding parent accounts gives clubs additional transparency with their parents and allows parents and players to stay on the same page.

Key Metrics Interactive Guide

The next big part of the update comes on the iOS side, where we've added key explainers for metrics such as readiness, training load, performance, and rate of perceived exertion.

If a player, coach, or parent needs an explainer as to what a 2 out of 10 is, or why the training load is indicating injury risk, a fully interactive pop up should help!

We are targeting a June update to add this same feature to Android devices.

Player Wellness Simplified

We've simplified the way players enter wellness reports by removing a step. The first time they go to enter a wellness report that day, the add wellness report view will immediately open.

Players can then enter the report as they normally would.

If they need to enter a 2nd report (we don't recommend this) they can enter it the old way by tapping the add report button in the top right corner.

What's next?

Our next major update is targeted for mid/late June. We are planning to overhaul the Development section of the app to make it fully customizable for coaches and clubs, and add additional areas including player goals, test scores, player actions (based on position), and more!

We're also exploring the ability for coaches to set a tactical theme and principles for training, and then track throughout the season how much time they spend on those topics.

Stay tuned!


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