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April 2023 App Update - Injuries Overhaul, Android Makeover, and More!

It's April 2023, which means it's time for a short blog post on what's new in the latest SoccerPulse update (4.1.12) on iOS and what's new in the Android version (3.6.4).

The biggest changes involve a complete rework of the way injuries function, and major infrastructure improvements to the Android version.

Let's talk about injuries first!

In the past, injuries were tied to wellness reports.

While this made it convenient for entering them, it made it very difficult to capture other important information about injuries, how they occurred, when the player would be returning to play, and how this injury impacted the team's overall availability.

In the new version of SoccerPulse, injuries can still be added from the wellness report view, but they are now independent objects that are easily sorted, modified, and updated from the Team Injuries view.

There are new fields for players to enter now, including the start date, the end date (or return date - optional!), contact or non-contact injury, and availability for games during the duration of the injury.

Also new is the ability to have multiple active injuries at one time (though we hope your players don't have too many of these!)

In the Team Injuries view, you'll be able to see three new metrics:

1. Availability

The percentage of games that players were available for selection in. This is the total number of games, times the number of players, minus the number of games missed due to injury.

Most successful teams aim for an Availability score of +90% throughout the season!

2. Non Contact %

This is the percentage of injuries that were caused by non-contact. Less than 10% is excellent, but staying less than 50% is the goal. In an ideal world, we want zero non contact injuries during the season!

3. Current Health

This is the number of players that are not currently carrying an injury in the squad. It includes players who are still playing but are carrying a knock.

You can also FILTER injury data by season to compare how you did in the past few seasons with your squad availability.

These changes are available on the latest version of BOTH iOS and Android, and we will be retiring legacy injuries in the coming months.

Minor iOS Improvements

In the iOS version, you'll also notice some smaller visual quality of life changes, like Remind Players is now the default option when event finishes, and that players who HAVEN'T entered their RPEs yet but attended the event are faded out to emphasize the players who have entered their reports.

Major Android Improvements

Also new in the latest update are major changes to the ANDROID version of SoccerPulse to bring it more in line with the iOS version.

This includes minor cosmetic changes like menu shadows, fonts, and visuals, but also includes more significant infrastructure changes like load times, posting times, and more. In general, the Android version should run MUCH smoother now, so we highly recommend all Android users update their apps as soon as version 3.6.4 is available.

Up Next: Export Data and Custom Notifications

With the spring season coming to a close in the next month, we have plans to make exporting data including wellness data, RPE data, training load data and more much easier.

Right now, you can do it from Android or iOS, but it requires exporting 1 player / event at a time by tapping the share button. We plan to implement a mass export button on our web app ( so that you can collect and compare this data easily.

That's all for now. I appreciate all the coaches who continue to use and support SoccerPulse. You make it all worth it!

PS - Share your spring success stories with us in a screenshot.

We LOVE to see teams go through the entire spring with ZERO non-contact injuries!

- Matt Danaher

SoccerPulse Creator

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