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xG Tabulator

xG Tabulator landscape.png

The xG Tabulator a standalone iOS app designed to empower coaches to take an analytical approach to in-match decisions and match reflection, by quantifying how well a team played based on their expected goals (xG).


Essentially, xG is a measure of how often a player will expect to score when shooting from a specific location on the field. If a shot has a 20% chance of going in, we say that shot has an xG of 0.2 and multiply that by the value of a goal (1) to get an xG of 0.2.


These totals are added up over the course of a game to give the team an idea of how well they are playing in relation to chances created and chances conceded. 

The xG Tabulator links with your SoccerPulse team to share shot data with your players. You can also link SoccerPulse games, and that xG data will be saved inside the SoccerPules Game Summary.


Live or Replay Mode

Use the xG Tabulator while watching a live game using Live Mode or as you watch a game on video replay using Replay Mode. See realtime xG updates as the match progresses to make informed tactical decisions.


xG and xA per Match

Link your SoccerPulse account to the xG Tabulator to tag players while logging shots to calculate their xG and xA (expected assists) as the season progresses. Players can login and see complete stats, including shot location and type.


Full Season Analysis

Log all your shots and games from the season, and the xG Tabulator will calculate your xPoints (expected points). This will show you if your actual place in the league table is fair based on your xG and your opponent's xG.

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